Premium Adhesives & Coatings

Trade Products

RLA Polymers has a great range of products with proven performance in the construction industry.

Industrial Adhesives

RLA manufactures and stocks a comprehensive range of adhesives for the joinery, cabinet making, laminating, furniture and construction industries. Our products are well proven in the field.

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Solvent Based Contact Adhesives

RLA manufactures and stocks a range of roller, brush and spray grade heat resistant contact adhesives formulated for use with a number of materials in the construction industry. Contact cleaner also available.

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Building & Construction Adhesives/Sealants

RLA manufactures and stocks a range of stud adhesives and fire rated sealants suitable for trade use.

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Silicone/Cartridge Products

RLA stock a wide range of silicones and other cartridge-applicable products.

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PVC Pipe Cements

RLA Stock a range of Plumma’s PVC Cement products.

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